A. W. Naht - Tradition since 1869 

Companie's history:

  • 1869 founded as trading company
  • since 1869 representative of the English textile houses
  • since 1893 chief agency of the Rhenish-Westphalian Coal Syndicate in Hamburg
  • since 1934 sales representative for iron, copper, brass and aluminium subassembly
  • since 1970 sales representative for ship accessories
  • since 1980 chief agency of special ship construction projects for East Europa, including Sovjet Union
  • since 1984 branch office in Moscow
  • since 1992:
    • chief agency for the construction of special ships for the Russian Federation
    • supplier of PC technology and Simulation techniques for the Russian Ministry of the Interior
    • creation of reconstruction projects for special ships of the Russian Fleet
    • delivery of special equipment and special components to the Kazakh Republic and the Swiss Army Force
    • delivery of special equipment to the Republic of Kazackhstan
    • delivery of special components to the Swiss Army Force

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Scharff

A. W. Naht

Holstenkamp 54
22525 Hamburg

Tel. +49. 40. 891 061
Fax +49. 40. 891 066
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